About Us


At Luxury Decor, being in this industry since 2014,we are motivated by a desire to better serve our customers, enhancing their projects with style, sophistication, technology, elegance and warmth. Our superior knowledge of design helps us provide the finest solutions for private villas , residences and hotels. With a focus on customer service, we assure you of the best deals and a transparent buying experience. Our dynamic team will honor the style and functional needs while guiding you through the process and exceeding your every expectations from concept to completion of your project.


We have a vast selection of products from tiles to kitchen sets to bathroom following with lightings products and more.

For a proper guidance and understanding we would welcome you to visit our showroom based at Laventure, situated in the east of the island. Samples material is displayed for a better understanding of some of the products we supply.


  1. Choose your products from our website or showroom.
  2. Our sales will send you the quotation once all the required information in obtained.
  3. Once you have approved the quotation, a down payment is required.
  4. After receiving the down payment your order will be sent to each of our partners following the manufacturing process. Depending on products and quantity, manufacturing time may take 7days-30days.(Note: Ready made products such as lights, sanitary, tiles can be ready for shipment within 7days).
  5. Once all the products is ready our team will inspect and send the goods to a designated warehouse where the goods will be loaded.
  6. After loading shipment may take 18days-35days to port following custom clearance which take 2-5days.
  7. Once cleared goods arrive at our company warehouse then delivered to our customer in the following days or if customer opt for a full container, goods are delivered directly on sites which is the case for villa and full house furnishing projects.
  8. Client can choose to only buy the products from us and find other professional for installation(through our guidance).

We are dedicated to supply quality products to our customers. Our company have been partnering with reliable suppliers since 2014.


Due to covid-19 pandemic there is fluctuation is freight price, for the same reason our price is not published on our website and shipping time is also affected(which is beyond our control once the container is shipped). Thanking all our customers for their comprehension and usual cooperation.