Swim Spa WS-S12
July 29, 2018
Gazebo WS-LT14
July 29, 2018
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Swim Spa WS-P12


  • Product Name: WS-P12
  • Product ID: WS-P12
  • Size: 12000x4200x1680mm




Sold By : Luxury Decor Mauritius Category:
Spa material: Gelcoat
spa color: Blue / White
Swim pool part
Control system KL8500*1 set(without FM)
KL8500Y1 * 1pc(without FM)
Water pump (2.2KW)*5pcs
Air pump 0.7kwx2pc ;
Circulation pump 0.75kWx3pcs
Filter Sand filter (Q500) *2pcs
Square filter * 2pcs
big bottom light 2pcs
Bottom Light 9pcs
Little led 93pcs
UV lamp                               2pcs
Ozone 1pcs
Jet 13″ river jets with led: 2pcs                                           5″ strong jets with led: 12pcs                                                                                      small jets: 12pcs                                                               air bubble jets: 28pcs
Message pool part
Control system KL8500Y2 * 1pc
Water pump 1.5kWx2pc
Air pump 0.4KW*1pc
Filter pump 0.37kWx1pc
Filter Cartridge filter * 1pc
Heater 3KW * 1pc
Bottom Light 1pc
Little led 17pcs
UV lamp 1pc
Jet 5″ rotating jets with led: 1pc                                                           3″ rotating jet with led: 4pcs                                                   2″ rotating jet: 3pcs                                             small jets: 18pcs                                                               air bubble jets: 15pcs
Ozone 1pcs
Synchronizer 2pcs
Ultraviolet sterilizer 2 pc
Total power 22.92KW
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